How to find a home inspector

If you are in the process of buying a home or thinking about buying a home, one of the most important aspects of the buying process is the Home Inspection. Once you decide on the budget, area and type of house you want to buy you need to hire a home inspector who will help you buy a home that is up to the mark. There are many things that need to be considered while buying a home so that you don’t have to spend extra money after buying the house on repairs and other expenses. A Qualified Home Inspector will undergo a thorough home inspection and provide you with a detailed report of the findings both verbally and in a written format.

Home inspection services have always helped us in choosing the perfect house where we plan to build our family’s future. But have we ever paused for a while and reflected if they indeed provide quality home services? If so what are the characteristics that one should find in home inspection services so as to qualify as efficient?

Quality Home services should have the appropriate tools and equipment. You can easily judge if the service which they provide is excellent based on the materials that they use. They should at least have the following tools: electrical testers, a fuel gas and carbon monoxide detector, inspection mirror, flashlight and moisture meter. If ever you notice that they don’t have these tools then you better think twice before signing any agreement with them.

Secondly, take a time to look at their credentials. Quality home inspectors should have a Licensed Professional Engineer (LPE) who conducts the inspection. LPE often leaves an LPE seal on the report which they provide their clients as proof of its credibility. If the home inspection service which you hired does not care much to leave their name on the report then there is something fishy with their service. Only professional engineers who are confident with their findings can easily place their LPE seal on a report.

Thirdly, try asking for their affiliations. Professionals always have affiliations which protect the integrity of each registered member. One of these professional affiliations is InterNachi. This professional trade society requires a strict code of ethics which ensures that any accepted member is indeed qualified to perform quality home inspection services.

Lastly, quality home inspection services always provide a written report to their clients. Most of the time, these reports is made up of around 25 – 30 pages of detailed observations which they notice while inspecting the house. These include the roof, the flooring, the walls, the ceiling, the heating and cooling mechanisms, the plumbing, leakages and even the strength of its foundation. If your home inspection service provided you with a couple of pages of the checklist, then you have been robbed of valuable time and dollars. Finding a home inspector or appraiser will help to avoid any conflict of interest with your agent and will almost guarantee that you will have someone working in your own best interest.